First International Conference on
Unconventional Catalysis, Reactors and Applications

Zaragoza-Spain, 16-18 October 2019
14:30   Plenary 1 - Prof. Richard van de Sanden
Chair: Georgios Stefanidis
60 mins

PLENARY: Recent trends in renewable energy driven chemistry for energy conversion and storage: plasma chemistry as the special case
Richard van de Sanden (presenter: Richard van de Sanden)
Abstract: In a circular CO2 neutral society, where the use of dense energy carriers based on carbon will still be needed, the re-use of (air captured) carbon dioxide is required. These dense energy carriers can be utilized to mitigate intermittency of renewable energy sources by providing seasonal storage, as feedstock for the chemical industry to replace fossil based feedstock and as green fuels for long haul and air transport. The use of electrons, from renewable electricity, or photons, directly from the sun, provide scientific and technological opportunities to develop novel pathways for chemical conversion. In this talk, after an introduction to the challenges facing the world in the next decades, I will discuss the opportunities of using plasmas, powered by renewable electricity, for scalable gas conversion of key molecules such as CO2 and N2. In particular I will address the use of microwave plasma to dissociate CO2 into CO and O2, and the possible role of nonequilibrium vibrational kinetics. Also a novel plasma enhanced membrane reactor for the production of H2 and NO will be discussed.